Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What do I do between the starter and main course??

My blog title - Between The Soup and Potatoes is a direct translation from Belgian idiom - in dutch it is "tussen de soup en patatten". This is the first idiom which I learned during my Dutch lesson. My teacher explained to me that people over here (in Belgium) using that expression to show what they do in between, despite the limit of time... as they relates to Soup - the starter and potatoes main dish hence the "void" between this two courses.

This is my first post, I'm trying to write about what I did or doing in between my busy day. Actually I'm pretty nervous about what I should write, I have nothing interesting to share, who on earth are going to read my blog...but yeah I put that negative thoughts aside and take a plunge anyway. Besides I've nothing to least I can brush up my rusty English :)

Here my cliché story begin, I am wife to a wonderful man, a mother of two, a boy and a girl, both are very active, curious and talkatives. Like every mothers around the globe, my day starts with them and ended with you can imagine the amount of energy they squeeze out of my body. When they are in bed or when they are at school I will try to make time for myself, a cup of tea, cookies and off to my little oasis i.e. my attic (although that does'nt always happen) where I can be creative and do what I love the most...crafting, sewing and anything that use my creativity.

That's all about me for now, I'm signing off from my first post and hope I will have time to penning down my thoughts soon.