Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cash in the Attic

Last Sunday, my family and I went to visit my mother-in-law. It has been more than a month we didn't see her. Since my father in law passed away we try to visit her as often as possible, at least once a month. It has been a difficult period for her and we want to give her support as much as possible.

Anyway, to cut the story short, I was having a conversation with her, telling her about how busy I was lately with kids, doing this and that, busy with sewing, making accessories for my Etsy shop, and suddenly she's was like "What shop are you talking about? What are you making? What are you selling?...(it was slipped out from my tongue, I totally forgot that I haven't told anybody yet except my husband about my Etsy shop) anyway I got a 3rd degree interrogation from her :)

I explained to her what I've made and about Etsy (in Belgium not many people are familiar with Etsy). I told her that I just bought buttons from US via Etsy and that it's quite pricey for one button. When I told her, she jump out from her chair and dragged me to her attic, and guess what? she has loads of vintage buttons!! and when I saw those buttons I'm like wowwee!! I'm jumping like a small girl in a candy shop!I could see my hubby's puzzled face, he didn't get it why am I so happy .. then he said to me "Honey you do aware it is just an old buttons not pearls!"

Well no point of explaining about vintage thingy to him, he thinks vintage is just another fancy word for old junks.

Junk or not I'm so glad that I don't have to spend money on vintage buttons. They are so many,and I still have to sorting and clean them. I am very excited and can't wait to use them in my future projects :)

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